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Angely   in reply to Angely   on

About Angely

Thank You for yours support we Help for Christmas 10 Kids for Toys. To have a toys for Christmas we need more of your Help.
Thank You. Angely
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Angely   in reply to Starshine   on

I Won a Car

 in response to The Wizard...   Congratulations,if you win the cars for Christmas is a good Start for next Years.
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Angely   in reply to honeys12   on

bad luck with payday loans

Ok, sorry to hear what happing to you now, if your quite your
Job and in dissability now tried to get help from some organization
around your neighbood or church they may collect the money,
than you need for the rent or lower place than you can pay your
bill. Tried to get self together and next day may stop rainning and
you will able to get back on your shoes again, not be shine to cry
life still beatiful and you need to countinus. Angely
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Money Request

Hello, sorry than I don't many of your letter but going for heavy
times just like another perosn in states. My request is they can
help with some money, to cover to continues feeding some of the
Hungry people around this place. They help and support for a time
and while to help them too. send the money any
amount than is possible for you. Thank You. Angely.
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Angely   in reply to removed   on

"Wedding Information"

From Angely,congratulation on your Wedding, this commint January. I wish you the best.
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No Job due Health Probleam

In need of Money to help cover my Bill. Sorry I'am not the only one
on this world I understand than many people go to some probleams,
like not Job due help probleams. looking to pay some of my Medical Bill
and Medication. Thank You. to by
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Need a Charity

Lost the Job due Health probleam. Need to buy medication and was
again a the Hospital on Wendnesday. If you can any Charity to my
e-mail in care
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